Supply Chain


The requirements and performance of our logistics are at your service.
We distribute to 14 countries on behalf of 16 laboratories

: sourcing

  • Sourcing: a quality supply

    In order to guarantee the origin and compliance of products, we are supplied exclusively by manufacturing laboratories or their certified distributors, all of which comply with one or more of the following directives: WHOGMP, EMEA, US-FDA, MHRA, TGA and many more…

  • Storing: guaranteed storage conditions

    Our warehouses are frequently inspected by the National agency of medicines. Our customs warehouses ensure proper storage of health products in transit through France for their re-exportation.

  • Shipping: secure and well suited vehicles for transport

    Our logistic solutions are appropriate to customer needs and to product specificities (complete container or grouping), air (pallet or box), or express delivery in under 72 hours. We monitor deliveries until arrival at destination.

  • Receipt: immediate availability of the medicine

    Optimised availability level thanks to our expertise and control of the supply chain.